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G20 Seal Kit

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The GPI G20 Seal Kit is an essential replacement kit designed to restore the performance of your GPI G20 12V gear pump. This kit contains all the necessary components to replace the seals, ensuring that your gear pump operates at peak efficiency.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the seals are engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions and maintain consistent accuracy. T

Installation of the GPI G20 Seal Kit is straightforward and simple, requiring no special tools or equipment. With this kit, you can easily replace worn or damaged seals to restore your GPI gear pump's performance, reducing downtime and minimizing maintenance costs.

Suits These Products
  • G20
Box Contents
  • 1 x Bypass valve orifice seal
  • 1 x Bypass poppet O-ring
  • 1 x Gear cover plate O-ring
  • 1 x Outlet port O-ring
  • 1 x Motor shaft seal
  • 1 x Electrical cover plate seal

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